My First Day In School as a Teacher

It felt somewhat special being on the other side of the teacher’s bench. The first greeting with the staff was not like an ideal one but gradually I have managed to develop a friendly support from them though. I went with my 5 other peers on my first day in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Andrews Ganj and reached the school at exactly 6:50. Yes we were on time, but what did it profit? Little not a lot. We didn’t get to meet the principal of the school neither we got to met our subject teachers. We just met a teacher who could co-ordinate with the rest of the school that some people have come for the “Practice Teaching” as he use to say. Thus my first day was the dullest day possible of an SEP I guess. Yes others too complain about their bad experience but I think I surpassed everyone.

Another day came and I set off to my given school again. We were called to invigilate an exam of eighth standard which surprisingly turned out to be that very class that I have to teach. Experience was overall a good one. Students were sweet, disciplined, and highly active. Almost every student completed his/her paper in 2 hours and I had to let them go before the bell rung.

Now the vacations have started so I’m busy making my lesson plans an hoping for the best to happen.

My eagerness for teaching!

I, though, have never taught before, however, feel an immidiate urge to take an initiative in teaching, especially little children of primary level. it is tue that i never got time for teaching before, the reason being my priorities to other works necessary. i’m 20 years old and have continuously been in academics from last 15 years. I intended to teach at homes of my supposed students but the atmosphere of the season was not favourable to me. I was intangled within a web of confusion regarding my current step towords my life. ultimately i had to prefer academics over teaching, but this never meant that I lost my passion for teaching. is till desire to teach whenever is given a chance to me, adhering to the condition of no extra work burden on my shoulder. howevermy ultimate goal is to attain a respected milestone in the field of teaching.